Let Down a Little by 7

Although my limited Windows 7 experience thus far has been largely positive, even my meager deployment of a half dozen PCs has turned up two irritations:

  • Firstly, I started up four of the HP systems we purchased and two of the systems started in a different manner than the other two.  The ‘different’ systems had startup menu options that appeared out of sync.  It still got the job done, but it was disconcerting that even such a limited number of Windows PCs couldn’t be bothered to start up in a consistent manner (“did someone use this before me?”).
  • Secondly, my user base is pretty anxious for their new PCs so I was hoping to avoid a time sink by simply upgrading Windows 7 Pro (the OEM version which ships on the units) to Windows 7 Enterprise (the SA version we’re entitled to run).  Doing this would save me time from having to rebuild the application and driver base to support the system.  Unfortunately I got a big old error message stating that ‘Windows 7 Pro cannot be upgraded to Windows 7 Enterprise’.  Why the frick not?  Is it that involved of a process to copy that small handful of code that differentiates the versions?  It can upgrade from Vista Business, why not 7?

My only other peeve is the nasty mess that is the control panel.  I figured this would be one of the big things addressed with the upgrade, but that half baked idea is a direct port of the original Vista implementation.  I wait with baited breath in anticipation of finding another landmine.

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