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Remote Desktop With XP

Faced with an aging remote access server with dubious patches I wanted to move a little more quickly to a Windows Server 2008 R2 terminal server, but there is an issue: there’s no support for NLA connections within XP out of the box.  True, there’s some registry hacks to enable the feature, but I couldn’t have end user’s doing that, so I resolved to write a program to do it for them.  It wasn’t until I was almost done that I discovered that, alas, Microsoft had already written one.

I hate to be outdone to that extent so I’m still posting mine here: a zip file which contains a Windows forms version, and a command line version, both of which run remarkably faster than Microsoft’s patch.  My program(s) will check to make sure that it’s the proper version of the OS (Windows XP with service pack 3) and that the registry entries need to be added (with visual output).  No backups are taken, so use at your own (minimal) risk!

(Although I typically share my code, I must admit to being slightly embarrassed at it’s condition since it’s my first full fledged C# program.  I’ll share if I get around to cleaning it up so that it doesn’t look like a VB guy wrote a C# program 🙂

Now to patch up all the other Windows XP issues with the Remote Desktop Connection services in Windows 2008 r2….