Adobe Patches

In the past I’ve had good luck ‘stacking’ Adobe Flash Player installs on top of each other in group policy.  For some reason one of the newer versions ( choked, leaving something along the lines of an  ‘FP_AX_MSI_INSTALLER’ error in the event viewer.  That error led me to this post which stated, more or less, that a computer logon batch file is the best bet (so ’90s!).  I implemented the batch file and had no issues getting everyone’s Flash updated (do note though that you’ll need to do a double detect if you have 64 bit systems in your environment as the version key is at “HKLM\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Macromedia\FlashPlayer” on 64 bit systems).

It was at this point that I moved on to Acrobat Reader.  I was a little puzzled because I downloaded the latest version (10.1.1), but after installing it, it reported that it was only ‘10.1.0’.  It turns out the ‘.1’ is a standalone patch that is included with the distribution.  Unfortunately, as I’d found with Office 2007, group policy does not do .msp files (msi patch files).  Right away I thought of my Flash Player install batch file, but Acrobat Reader (as near as I can tell) does not have a version registry key like Flash Player.  I hunted for an easy way out, but finally gave up and wrote a program to return the Acrobat Reader version (based on what’s reported by the installed executable file).  You can download the excutable and the batch files that I used for Adobe Flash Player and Acrobat Reader here.  (Note: if the computer does not have Acrobat Reader installed, the detector should return the string “NotInstalled”.  I didn’t worry much about this detection as I have the batch file in the group policy that installs Acrobat Reader.)

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