Expensive Computer Tool

Justin scopes out some optical ejection tools that many a tech has to rely on from time to time.  I figured I’d point out this snazzy version in my possession:

expensive optical drive tool

What makes it so expensive is that it was crafted by an expert IBM DBA who crafted this while he was waiting forever for an AIX system to complete some series of tasks (which on AIX systems of that gen, pretty much every task took forever).  By my estimates that’s about $300 computer tool.  At least he had the courtesy to leave it with us since we footed the bill for it.

2 thoughts on “Expensive Computer Tool

  1. It’s a bit heavier gauge than a pen spring so I suspect that it either came off a retired piece of tech equipment from Y2K or (even more likely) was a piece of scrap since they made springs at this location at the time.

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