MAS Client Issue

Part of my motivation for patching up the system was so that we would be running a version of MAS 90 that was officially supported on 64bit Windows 7.  An odd issue that’s possibly related to compatibility cropped up today though.

When going into one of our companies, MAS would crash/stop responding when going in to “reprint journals” under the general ledger reports.  It worked for every other company AND even worked for that same company if the report-program was run from a 32 bit system.

The big clue was that the UI for the report never launched after clicking OK for the accounting date, which usually tells me that an ‘output issue’ exists.  After comparing the settings under company maintenance it turned out that the one that didn’t work didn’t have “Use Workstation Default Printer for STANDARD Report Setting” or “Form Code” checked.  After checking those two boxes and accepting the changes “reprint journals” began working for 64 bit systems.

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