Upgrading Customized Exchange

So if I have created custom e-mail address policies and/or custom address lists the upgrade process will not upgrade them?  It’s stuff like this that makes me think that Microsoft still sells 90% of their product to five person shops that never change or monitor anything and the other 10% to gargantuan enterprises that can afford to hack around the missing pieces (in this case by crafting a complicated custom script).  Equally, it’s unfortunate that and the needless interface changes to both the Exchange and IIS management consoles detract a little bit from some of the nice new enhancements to those packages (in particular, I’ve already had users tell me that they liked the ability schedule out-of-office notices with Exchange 2007).

And no, I don’t think that the scripting back-end is what goofed up the interface.  IBM’s SMIT did the same thing but it was easier to use (ASCII menus and all).  It’s the inevitable learning curve with a new package I guess; I’ll just have to be patient!

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