Suppressing Duplicate Crystal Labels

For our file folders at the end of the year we would run a Crystal report that would find all the vendors who were issued payments over the year.  These labels would only consist of the vendor name and number (and the fiscal year, but that was handled with a text and parameter field).  However, . . . → Read More: Suppressing Duplicate Crystal Labels

MAS Client Issue

Part of my motivation for patching up the system was so that we would be running a version of MAS 90 that was officially supported on 64bit Windows 7.  An odd issue that’s possibly related to compatibility cropped up today though.

When going into one of our companies, MAS would crash/stop responding when . . . → Read More: MAS Client Issue

MAS 90 Patch Issue

I recently decided to be brave and install a hotfix rollup/service pack to our MAS 90 4.3 install.  I believe we were on patch 3 and I would be installing patch 20.  My goal was to clear up some oddball Windows 7 issues that we were having (the exact nature of which I . . . → Read More: MAS 90 Patch Issue