Tanya Weinmann


What follows is a eulogy I delivered for my friend Tanya at her funeral services which were on 8/13/2016.  She died after a brave, year and a half long fight with an aggressive form of cancer.

Tanya was not an outgoing person by nature, but she practiced very hard at it.  This along . . . → Read More: Tanya Weinmann

DacEasy is Dead

It took longer than it should have to confirm this since Sage has cleverly replaced the now discontinued DacEasy links with Sage 50 links (aka Peachtree).  More here:


There seems to be lots of hate for Sage over this, but I guess there wasn’t much of a market for an inferior point-of-sale product . . . → Read More: DacEasy is Dead

AD RMS Upgrade along with the CA

I had a server running with the 32 version of Server 2008 that I needed to migrate over to the 64 bit version of Windows Server.  The server hosted both our Active Directory Rights Management Server (AD RMS) along with our Microsoft Certificate Server (CA).  I had tried porting it years ago but was . . . → Read More: AD RMS Upgrade along with the CA


I had been a mild advocate of HP hardware for a brief time (best of the worst you might say), but I’ll have to withdrawal even that mild support.  First, two people that I’ve recommended HP to have had their systems die (dead laptop display on one, dead desktop with the other).  Secondly, I . . . → Read More: Unrecommendations


Is there any documentation more useless than UNIX man pages?