Corrupt Exchange AutoComplete

So this has happened to me twice and I had forgotten how to fix (‘fix’) it from before so I’m writing it down here for when I inevitably forget again.

The symptom is that the user’s address autofill/AutoComplete within Outlook stops working. Since we run on a later version of Exchange this means that . . . → Read More: Corrupt Exchange AutoComplete

With Exchange 2013, you’re on your own

Many, many years ago I had a domain controller installed on a rather naughty IBM server.  This server, as it turned out later, had some bad firmware on the drives which would cause occasional system oddities such as blue screening, hanging on boot, etc.  I let it go for too long, but the issues . . . → Read More: With Exchange 2013, you’re on your own

Scanning to Email

I have a friend with a Toshiba ‘e-STUDIO3530C’, a pretty typical ‘mopier’ machine.  They use the scan-to-email fairly extensively, but it started giving them issues recently where the scanned document would appear to go off to no where.  After checking the logs on the Exchange 2010 server, it turned out that the ‘scan’ e-mails . . . → Read More: Scanning to Email

Christmas for Barracuda

Yes, ‘Christmas for Barracuda’, or ‘How high maintenance costs ruin a relationship’

So our Barracuda Spam Firewall cost around $2100 new, and to it’s credit it has worked rather well**.  However Barracuda is now charging us around $660 dollars for yearly maintenance?!  Really, more than of the 30% purchase price for maintenance?!  I don’t . . . → Read More: Christmas for Barracuda

Exchange 2003 to 2010

While uninstalling Exchange 2003 I was getting the error “you cannot remove a server that is a target bridgehead for a routing group connector. This server is a target bridgehead for the following connections”.I deleted the connector on the Exchange 2003 server, but I still received the uninstall error. This post clued me in . . . → Read More: Exchange 2003 to 2010