Windows 10 Update Error 0x8024401C

For some reason I’ve had a lot of Windows 10 PCs fail on their Windows Update with the error 0x8024401C . The “why” probably has to do with some secret handshake that I failed to do with the WSUS server, but the fix (such as it is) was hard fought. The trick I’ve found is . . . → Read More: Windows 10 Update Error 0x8024401C

Adobe Patches

In the past I’ve had good luck ‘stacking’ Adobe Flash Player installs on top of each other in group policy.  For some reason one of the newer versions ( choked, leaving something along the lines of an  ‘FP_AX_MSI_INSTALLER’ error in the event viewer.  That error led me to this post which stated, more or less, that . . . → Read More: Adobe Patches

Expensive Computer Tool

Justin scopes out some optical ejection tools that many a tech has to rely on from time to time.  I figured I’d point out this snazzy version in my possession:

What makes it so expensive is that it was crafted by an expert IBM DBA who crafted this while he was waiting forever for an . . . → Read More: Expensive Computer Tool

Kaspersky Install Error

I’ve decided to move us away from McAfee and onto Kaspersky.  I’ve used McAfee’s product here for more than ten years and have been pretty happy with it and it’s protection has been pretty top notch, too ‘top notch’ as a matter of fact.  I’ve in fact gotten away from even installing McAfee on . . . → Read More: Kaspersky Install Error


For some reason I never thought to note a workaround that we use for our JD Edwards ‘ocx’ files, probably because I figured that no one would be running on a tools release as old as our own. Trying to run the export to Excel program and whatnot with newer versions of Internet Explorer . . . → Read More: JDE OCX Files