Great Moments in Database Design

I am by no means an expert DBA, but the design mentality behind a product that my company uses leaves me scratching my head.  This product which shall go unnamed (Exact JobBOSS) has a variety of faults, but none more perplexing than their ‘double keying’ of tables.

Now I’m not talking about a compound . . . → Read More: Great Moments in Database Design

Suppressing Duplicate Crystal Labels

For our file folders at the end of the year we would run a Crystal report that would find all the vendors who were issued payments over the year.  These labels would only consist of the vendor name and number (and the fiscal year, but that was handled with a text and parameter field).  However, after . . . → Read More: Suppressing Duplicate Crystal Labels

Nortel BCM Log Parser

I had originally coded this project in VB and never got it into a distributable format.  For example, I had all the file paths and database connection strings hard coded.  After educating myself a bit on C# I recoded the application in that language, and have the program using LINQ instead of (oof!) OLE.  . . . → Read More: Nortel BCM Log Parser

Command Line Argument

Firing up the way-back machine, I recalled interfaces from Exchange versions past that would immediately return some nice data, such as mailbox size, item counts, etc.  I set out to try and recreate some of these interfaces, but it seemed that a lot of the coding examples were in C#, a language that I . . . → Read More: Command Line Argument

Remote Desktop With XP

Faced with an aging remote access server with dubious patches I wanted to move a little more quickly to a Windows Server 2008 R2 terminal server, but there is an issue: there’s no support for NLA connections within XP out of the box.  True, there’s some registry hacks to enable the feature, but I . . . → Read More: Remote Desktop With XP